Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Swaraj By Arvind Kejrival

Book review, ebay link to Swaraj by Arvind Kejriwal
Swaraj (PaperBack)

 Published on 29th July 2011, the book was announced months back by Arvind Kejriwal- the incumbent chief minister of Delhi. The AAM AADMI PARTY has shook the lingering belief of the corrupt political parties that politics is just for the few Netas in power. 

The book elucidates the struggle of Anna and his supporters in the passing of the Lokpal Bill, which they believe will throw corruption out of the Indian political and Government scene. The book shows clearly about what should be done by the people to achieve Swaraj in a crippling political scene made helpless by the corrupt political parties.

The views are commendable and a must read for the volatile generation of India. Order a copy now through the ebay link for Swaraj by Arvind Kejriwal.


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